Author Andrew Smith Blogs “the why chromosome”

26 Feb

Author Andrew Smith has been blogging about “the why chromosome.”   He asks, “If boys’ achievement scores are declining, and they are reporting less time spent on reading and higher rates of discouragement, what can we do to help bring boys back as readers?”

I’ve enjoyed the series, which cites various studies about boys and reading and the possible reasons for their lack of interest compared to girls.  I don’t know that he’s arrived at any firm conclusions, but he has certainly provided food for thought and advanced the discussion.   Andrew seems to believe that strong male role models who read and value reading can have a strong influence on young boys.  Those who read a great deal and still have sons who are reluctant readers may be tempted to dismiss that influence, but it’s unlikely that the problem results from one factor, anyway.   There is probably a range of factors that contribute to reader reluctance and an array of solutions that must be employed to address it both in regard to the universal problem and the problem as it applies to individuals.  Of course, that doesn’t even begin to take into consideration those with reading disabilities, as opposed to just reading reluctance.

I don’t know if Andrew is experiencing the same angst I am about the issue, but he certainly demonstrates an interest having written three thoughtful blogs on the subject, so far.  Please take a moment to visit his blog site and read them.

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